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what's cool about eduposh?

Internet of Things

Eduposh will digitalize and expose your school to the possibilities and opportunities of the internet.


Every great idea deserve effective and efficient management, and Eduposh suite provides the enabling tools for schools to be profitable and stand the test of time.


We have a great team of developers who are dedicated to giving you what you want. If you can think it, we can make it come to reality.

Can your school run smoothly without you?

If your answer is NO, then you need Eduposh Suite to turn your school business into a system

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Hearth-felt condolence

To all schools, parents, children affected by the current flood in Nigeria, we pray you pull through this challenging time.

eduposh school management system

We are the best at customization. We interpret your vision and model into a sophisticated software solution that is unique to your school. None of our clients use the same solution. For example, one of our schools is using a CGPA grading system entirely different from what you see around. Other companies tried but failed but we did it.

Immatree School management Software is one of the most intelligently built and sophisticated education EPR systems that help ease administrative operation, data management, effective computation, analysis of school and student performance for smart decision making.

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Amazing Features

e-Learning Feature

Our e-learning feature can help you run classes and take learning checks online at the convenience of student and staff. You can save time used for note copying by uploading all notes online readily available to all student.


Eduposh suite provides schools three(3) channels - (SMS, Email & Chat) to disseminate information, circulars and connect with parents, teachers and students.

Performance Analysis

To be able to make smart decisions, Eduposh analytica gives you a graphical presentation of student performance and the overall performance of the school. Data from Classes, subjects, admission, payment, etc can be analyzed to the advantage of the school.

CBT Feature

Imagine engaging you students during holidays in taking test and assignment online with automatic marking system like JAMB. This would keep their memory fresh at all times. You could as well use this to run you CA and exams.


We have a great team of developers who are dedicated to giving you what you want. If you can think it, we can make it come to reality.


All teachers have their own personal gradebooks and all a teacher needs to do is to input the grades. The program does the remaining aspects of collation, additions and giving students positions based on their grades.

School Fee Management

Finance is a delicate department in any organization so we integrated a features for managing income which is majorly from school fee, tracking expenses to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and management of school fund..

Online Result Generation

You can generate student result, broadsheet and many other reports from the comfort of your home. The online result computation eliminates the issues of errors in student result.

Inventory Management

Keep track of all school assets and resources from purchase to usage and wearing down of parts. Knowing total quantity in store and the whereabout of every item not in inventory is crucial to the survival of a school.

Happy clients

Evang. Mrs. Helen Ogbonna

Thanks to Eduposh software which makes our world easier and faster. They're so trustworthy, reliable and give quality services, and support.
Head Teacher, CEM Total Child School, Ughelli.

Mr Anthony Okagbare

As a tertiary institution, we can say Eduposh Suite was the best thing that happened to us and the customer service is second to none.
Rector, Temple Gate Polytechnic, Ughelli


Thanks to Eduposh our school is now digitally inclined and opened to so much possibilities of the internet.
Director, Radiant Comprehensive Schools

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