The Ultimate Drawing and Writing 8.5 inches Tablet for Kids

Make Learning Fun and Exciting with Our Durable and Easy-to-Use Device!

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The drawing tablet is suitable for children and adults. Kids can use this drawing board to stimulate their creativity and keep busy, like scribbling, counting or practicing words. Adults can update shopping list, take notes or leave messages on it. Writing tablet is definitely an integral part of your gift list.

Our educational electronic device is perfect for kids who love to draw and write. With its innovative design, children can easily practice their writing skills, while unleashing their creativity through drawing.

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Labeled parts Durable and water proof

Unlike most tablets, our device is incredibly durable, making it the perfect option for children who are prone to dropping things. It is built to last and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Flexible film for protection

Plus, it is more affordable than a conventional tablets, so you can save money while still providing your child with an exceptional learning experience.

Plus, our device has a built-in button that allows for easy erasing, so kids can start fresh whenever they want.

Erase button

Our device also features a long-lasting CR battery with low power consumption that eliminates the need for charging, making it ideal for use in villages and remote areas. Your child can use our device to learn and practice their writing and drawing skills, no matter where they are located.

Device with battery highlighted

Our device is designed to help children focus on their drawing and writing skills, without the distractions that often come with tablet apps. Your child will be able to focus on developing their creativity and honing their writing skills, in a safe and distraction-free environment.

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